Getting very well fed (Irish style) on the Holloway Road

FullSizeRender(5)Saturday afternoon means football for Tony and I so once again we made the long journey south to watch the Arsenal (a disappointing and very frustrating 2-2 draw with Hull City – but this is not a football blog*). Strolling down from Archway tube and looking for a place to eat we decided to wander inside The Quays.

The Quays is a large and distinctively decorated pub in the London style. I stands out on the Holloway Road because of its colour (sort of purple/blue) and equally colourful interior. We’ve walked past it loads of times but never braved the front door.

Inside is a vast pub, lots of plasma screens (today showing rugby union and football) with lots of seating and old signage advertising whiskeys and all manner of other liquors and drinks. Unfortunately I didn’t have the opportunity to see if they had all (or any) of these in stock as we were there for lunch, not a drinking session.

So I restricted myself to a glass of Merlot (our useful pre-match tipple) and we perused the menu. The Quays serves all the usual fayre: burgers, sausages, pies, steaks, fish etc – all with chips if you want them. But it also does a a roast and an Irish stew. Tony opted for roast beef, while I plumped for stew.

quaysThe first thing to say is that the service was quick and the portions (especially the roast) are enormous. You won’t go hungry at the Quays. Tony struggled to make any real impact on his roast beef. Three huge slices atop a pile of mash and gravy, with a generous side order of vegetables included for about £8. He enjoyed what he ate – honest unfussy food if not cordon blue cuisine.

FullSizeRender(4)My stew was equally good and it came with two slices of soda bread. Soda bread has a very distinctive, slightly chemical taste, which I like a lot. It goes well with soups and stews. The meat in the stew was very tender, soft and well flavoured and there was plenty of it. The rest of stew was made up on potatoes, onion and carrot. It was warm and comforting and just prefect on a blustery autumn day.


It was pub food but when it is possible to eat good honest grub like this for less than a tenner it does make me wonder why all pubs and cafés can’t manage to do it.

I bet they are busy on Sundays because a big plate of roast dinner, washed down with ale or Irish stout, maybe followed by a bowl of crumble and custard, with friendly staff and the footie on the big screen sounds like a cracking weekend day out to me.


* visit Untold Arsenal if you want a very good one of those

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