of fish pie and Cambodia

Goose is off to Cambodia on Monday for a little over two weeks. Its a holiday she’s been looking forward to for some time and she’s going with a good friend. But both of us are a little sad that we are going to be apart for that long 😦

Still, she has promised to take her notebook and write up lots of Cambodian food reports when she returns at the end of October. I will just have to eat out with other people until then I suppose.

So I thought I’d write up the meal she cooked for us last night as Goose is an excellent chef and we can dine in style home and away. We had a Jamie Oliver fish pie recipe, but not the one I usually make (which is a mash-topped affair with eggs) but this one instead. This recipe uses fennel and fennel seed which add a nice aniseed depth to the flavours. You don’t mash the spuds but par boil them and use them sliced. Sometimes a fish pie can be a rather texture-less mushy affair but here the veg holds up nicely. She made sourdough breadcrumbs for the topping which (with added Parmesan cheese) was wondrous!

The fish was salmon and trout but you could use whatever looked good or was on offer, with or without prawns. That’s the beauty of fish pie you can go and see what the fishmonger has, and mix and match. I tend to avoid the supermarket ‘fish pie’ mixes because they look a bit sad and dried out.

Goose served her pie with asparagus and green beans, tossed in Guernsey butter (quite the best butter you can get) and I brought a Marlborough NZ Sauvignon blanc to go with it.  Once we had digested the pie we finished off the meal (in front of the telly by now) with Pots & Co. Salted caramel & chocolate puds, which I can certainly recommend (don’t eat them cold from the fridge though, let them warm to room temperature).

It’s going to be a long two weeks for me while she explores  Angkor Wat and Cambodia’s other highlights, and hopefully rests and enjoys her break, but I have plenty to do including writing a new book on Jack the Ripper, so hopefully the time will fly by. In the meantime i need to find her the perfect dinner for Halloween, when she returns. 🙂


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