The Lamplighter: Northamptonshire’s CAMRA pub of the year (with nice pies…)

lamppieMost Wednesday night you will find Goose and I at a Northampton pub quiz with several of our friends. We don’t always win but we usually do pretty well – top three at least. The quiz at the Lamplighter is popular and from 9 o’clock there’s hardly a free pew in the house.

Goose and I tend to get there early and sometimes early enough to eat. The Lamplighter has a decent pub grub menu – fish and chips (with superb minted peas), burgers, chilli and hot sarnies. Their chips are good too. Its all pretty much what you’d expect from a ‘gastro-pub’ and on Sundays they do a pretty good roast as well.

They  won the CAMRA pub of the year of the county last year and it was well deserved; there’s lots going on (quiz night, open mike, DJs and bands) the staff are friendly and the beer (and cider etc) is well kept and there’s plenty of choice. I like a real ale but if you prefer an American or Czech lager, bottled Belgian fruit beer, scrumpy or wine they have it.

But back to the food. On this occasion we decided to have a pie (becoming a bit of a theme folks…) because they have a range of about 7 or 8 choices. I went for steak and ale. It came with good creamy mash and green peas. Now with a pie I like a good pastry and plenty of filling. This hit the notes. Tasty soft steak and rich gravy all in a crusty finished case. Not fancy but worth the tenner it cost.

Goose went for a vegetarian pie with lots of mushroom and a light veggie gravy.I used to be veggie and remember that pubs could be pretty dull places to eat it. This pie had real body to it and I might try it next time. Their burgers are good too – maybe not up to the standards of the Swimmer but some of the best pub ones in Northampton.

oh and by the way, guess who won the quiz?


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